ATAMU also serves as an acronym that represents integrity, inspiration, enthusiasm and committment of our church members and community.

The acronym A.T.A.M.U serves as an incentive, a banner constantly reminding us all, of what we do to carry out our duties and responsibilities with integrity, reliability and dedication.

A - ATAMAI  (wisdom)

T - TAUTUA (service, servant hood)

A - ALOFA    (kindness, caring, compassionate)

M - MALAMALAMA   (guiding light, beacon of knowledge)

U - ULIMASAO   (safe, guidance - proper direction, good governance and leadership, and appropriate management)

ATAMU Incorp people share a common explicit and unequivocal drive to leave a better legacy for the next generations.


Our ethos in the present, our aims for the future and our past traditions are all interwoven. And so, with each rising sun, we shall remember yesterday with a focus on today, and a searching attention on the future. 


A better tomorrow than yesterday and today.

Mo se taeao e sili atu na lelei nai lo ananafi ma le aso. 


4S - Seeking, Sustainable, Systems & Service


ATAMU Incorps representatives believe that:

  • All people have equal right to the benefits and opportunities of our society and church community.
  • Within our communities there are vulnerable groups and individuals who experience disadvantage and discrimination.
  • Our Church based driven services and resources belong to our communities and should be accountable to them.
  • The effects of social problems can be reduced, mitigated and/or eliminated by working on the causes as well as the symptoms.
  • Our efforts in our services shall focus on the needs of local communities inclduing, children and their families, not just those who come through our front doors.
  • Community socio-economic development assists people to identify their needs, gain resources to have more control over their lives. That is EMPOWERMENT.
  • All have rights which we have a responsibility to ensure are protected.


We are committed to:

  • Working for a fairer distribution of resources and power while upholding the principles of natural justice.
  • Ensuring fair and equal access for all people to services that are important for their quality of life.
  • Maximising the opportunities for people to participate in decisions that affect their lives.
  • Developing explicit, fairer, more comprehensive rights for all people regardless of their income, ethnicity, beliefs and social background.
  • The Church, local residents and groups to help identify their needs then facilitate planning, developing, management and control of effective needs-centered services.
  • Upholding the rights of service users, staff and volunteers and empowering them while maintaining their confidentiality and privacy.
  • Professional conduct of members, staff and volunteers in providing culturally appropriate, needs based, both secular and religious relevant services mix that emphatically demand of every one to:
    • Act honestly and in good faith.
    • Act with care and diligence.
    • Act loyally and avoide conflicts of interest.
    • Act in the best interests of PEC and AEPIS organisations.


We deliver an intergrated, holistic and collaborativer service mix offerings that define quality in three aspects:

1. Quality services is customer defined;

2. Quality services conforms with compliance requirements, and

3. Quality services are fit for the purpose(s)

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